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With all the goodness of nature!


Quality is not what happens when what you do matches your intentions. It is what happens when what you do matches your customers’ expectations. 

Committed to high-quality ingredients and Global food export service, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC helps customers deliver unique and trend-driven formulations in a wide range of applications—with healthier, cost-effective and convenient concentrated flavors that offer rich taste, superior mouthfeel and a long shelf life. Family-owned and in operation for many years, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC in the capacity of Al Ras commodity market puts customer service at the peak of its mission.



To constantly look for, comprehend and recognize client needs 

  • To work cooperatively across hierarchical limits on basic destinations 
  • To endeavor reliably and increase the value of the business and nature guiding principle 


To be the only food supplier and UAE’s food exporter in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic and international markets that enhance lifestyle and create value for our customers through management excellence at all levels.




  • We center around giving comfort by providing premium Foodstuff Trading at reasonable prices and incentives to our clients 
  • We tune in to our clients’ food preferences and approach them with deference in Al Ras commodity market as well as in global market
  • We are clear and straightforward in our correspondence 
  • We consider all client touchpoints to offer the most ideal arrangement in the Foodstuff Trading


  • We have the mental fortitude to scrutinize business as usual 
  • We plan for an impressive future and make additional opportunities 
  • We carry positive vitality to all that we do 
  • We are driven by new difficulties and learning openings


  • We regard each other’s thoughts and suppositions 
  • We give helpful and real to life criticism to enhance our food product range
  • We share information and encounters to enable each other to create 
  • We praise the successes together 

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