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Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC is the largest Dubai food export company and the biggest Foodstuff Trading expert that provides many of the world’s top food manufacturers, specialty food companies, and foodservice institutions with on-trend, agricultural products, spices, flavors and specialty flavor ingredients by perfecting the art and science of concentrated flavor technology. In partnership with our customers, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC continues to push the boundaries of flavor technology. We do so with innovative flavor products and customized flavor solutions that respond to market trends including Sugar, Rice, Spices, Pulses, Oil, Beans, Animal feeds, Pasta, Canned food and many more.

Committed to high-quality ingredients and Global food export service, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC helps customers deliver unique and trend-driven formulations in a wide range of applications—with healthier, cost-effective and convenient concentrated flavors that offer rich taste, superior mouthfeel and a long shelf life. Family-owned and in operation for many years, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC in the capacity of Al Ras commodity market puts customer service at the peak of its mission.

Remembering how our dietary patterns have changed, our weight control plans have been affected by factors like the advancements in our kitchens, the methods of transport providing our shops, media, the administration and in terms of professional career and movement patterns. From the start Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC has reacted fastidiously to these quick changes and difficulties by spearheading creating of inventive Food products dependent on accommodation and speedy readiness. These assorted Food Products and Foodstuff Trading are superbly in accordance with contemporary ways of life while holding the conventional taste and food qualities, which are so near our souls. 


Over 5000 valued customers

Over 400,000 tons trading annually

Over 10,000 tons ready stock available

Over AED 1Billion (1,000,000,000.00) group turnover

16 world class banks

14 offices

400 total personnel

Export to 45 countries

World class warehousing facility

State of art processing units

Chiller room's for sensitive products

Various achievements/certificates


  • Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC being the largest UAE’s Commodities import-export company, concentrates on client needs and serve them with quality items at reasonable costs. 
  • Our Food products are unadulterated and ought to fit in with universal principles.
  • Our exploration persistently delivers new and gutsy items that are experimentally tried and cleanly enveloped by protected and alluring bundling. 
  • We always create a situation in our workplaces and industrial facilities where ability is prepared and individuals have each chance to progress in their vocations.
  • We provide ourselves to be acceptable corporate food suppliers, Commodity trading, food wholesalers & distributors, bolster worthy missions and bear decent amount of assessments. 
  • Our warehouses and stores are fabricated, new production lines made, sound benefits made and reasonable profit ought to be paid to our investors.
  • Leading our activities with respectability and with deference for the numerous individuals, associations and situations our global food export business contacts has consistently been at the core of our corporate obligation.
  • We mean to have a beneficial outcome from multiple points of view: through our brands, our business tasks and connections, through intentional commitments, and through the different manners by which we draw in with society.
  • Through structuring a solid brand, Reliance Star Foodstuff Trading LLC gets itself perceived as a pioneer in nationally and internationally.

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